Production Reviews


"His Danny Kaye-esque charm and show-putting-on skills make it easy to see why All Hands on Deck!, with him as star, is infectious."

— Mark Lowry  •  •  January 2012

"The supporting players are fine especially Jody Madaras as the good natured twit."

— Martin Denton  •

"One of Madaras' trademarks is his physical comedy. In Me and My Girl, Jody weaves his eccentric dance into 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On' helping make the show ' ... a dancer's paradise.'"

— Carol Ann Wilcock  •  Southhampton Press

"Under Larry Carpenter's smooth direction, Madaras navigates the songs and dances and comes across as a particularly nimble dancer."


"Jody Madaras lights up the stage as the perpetual optimist Bobby Child. Tall, lanky and light on his feet, he tap dances up a storm with a smile on his face ... and has some funny bits when he goes in disguise as famous impresario Bela Zangler."

— Lisa Millegan  •  The Modesto Bee  •  August 2009

" It's the kind of household where, when someone asks what time it is, Madaras' Ed Carmichael answers, 'It was 5 o'clock a couple of hours ago.'"

—  Neil Genzlinger  •  New York Times  •  May 2005

" He's a charming and excellent Ed Carmichael ..."

—  Anne Kaufman (daughter of George S. Kaufman)

"The silly Alaric, sporting patent leather hair, is humorously played by Madaras in a style reminiscent of Bertie Wooster from the 'Jeeves' stories."

— Barbara Mehlman  •  Poughkeepsie Journal  •  June 2003

" ... a cheery trifle with a gifted cast ... including the goofily ineffectual son Alaric (Jody Madaras)."

— Lawrence Van Gelder  •  New York Times  •  May 2003

"Madaras' Alaric stands out as an unapologetic, bespectacled, bird-like little rich boy which provides some great comic moments."

— Katie Riegle  •  •  May 2003

" ... a wonderful Bolger-esque performance and his "Once In Love With Amy" stole the show."

— Scott Glen  •  Eastside Theatre Magazine  •  2003

" He's wonderful ... and he does the same steps that Ray Bolger did. How does he do that?"

– Jo Sullivan Loesser

"A knowledgable magician, Jody added Blackstone's Famous Dancing Handkerchief routine to 'Eddie's Encore' in Funny Girl making his performance a ' ... song and dance delight.'"

— Lee Davis  •  Southhampton Press  •  August 2001

" ... the quintessential Broadway tenor ... Madaras could have stepped right off the celluloid of the '33 film ... his smile, his movements, his voice all fit into place ... his dancing shines in 'We're in the Money,' his voice in 'Dames' ... vibrancy throughout."

— Katie Winkler  •  Times-News  •  June 2000

" ... a lively specter."

— Judy Staber  •  The Independent  •  June 1998

" ... a vibrant retelling of Jesus' story ... updated with references of Bill Clinton (Madaras) ... how appropriate Elvis makes and appearance ... when Madaras strikes an Elvis pose and sings "Viva Jerusalem, baby!"

— Christina Lee Knauss  •  The Sun News  •  1998